About My Painting

My emphasis is realism. Most of the figures I paint are for Wargames. War is messy, dusty, bloody, sweaty, dirty, long, tiring work... That means darker, dirtier figures. Granted, there are times and places for bright colors and clean whites, such as that resplendant line of Knights freshly dressed for battle or the unit of fastidious high elves who have a knack for staying clean born of centuries of practice. But most of these figures are down in the mud and blood. They might get to wash their clothes once a week...or once a month...or if they're Orcs, not at all! So, I try to go for realistic flesh tones, and dingier clothes and dusty dirty banners.

Most miniatures are left unfinished on the bases until the buyer selects their
desired paint color and flocking. This allows my figures to more closely integrate
with what you already have. For the best match, you can also finish the base yourself.
Other SIMPLE adjustments, like eye color for non-human races, may also be accomodated.

All figures are finished with a minimum of 2 coats of Dull-Coat after flocking
for durability. Glossier sheens are also used as appropriate to the figure.